Welcome to Sandpaper Melon, we provide web site creation services with a special focus on small businesses. Please take a look around our site, as it is clean, simple, and straight to the point; just like us =). We aim to provide professional, pratical, no-frills service for small businesses looking to improve their brand, expand their customer reach, as well as improve service for their already existing customers.

Why choose Sandpaper Melon?

With many years of experience working with small businesses and us being a small business ourselves, we understand the core needs of your business. Our team is committed to helping your business flourish in today's digital world by leveraging our technical, design, and marketing knowledge.

Here's a few reasons why we believe you'll be satisfied with us:

  • Practical Packaging – While many tools and services are interesting to see, many times they aren't practical for small business owners. You are already busy enough in your day that adding in the extra complexity of learning and utilizing web programs just isn't realistic. While many companies will try to force these types of things on their clients to inflate their price, we don't do that. We provide essentials services with no bloat.
  • Price – Our rate is one of the lowest, if not the lowest, for the services we provide. However, as our clients will tell you, this lower cost does not result in lower quality service. Our practical packaging is one of the reasons that allow us to have such a low price.
  • All-in-one Service & Support – We provide complete worry-free service: We will design, host, and manage your website. Any problems or questions? Let us know and we can provide support. We can also provide expertise and advice for expanding your business, not just on the web, but in other areas as well.

To see some of our previous work, view our portfolio.

If you have any questions or are interested in our services, contact us.

Why get a website at all?

In this day it is absolutely vital to have an online presence for your business. More and more people first start by going online to locate businesses in their area whenever they need a product or service. So when they look up your industry, why leave the message to someone else? If you can control your message to potential customers about your business. You can be assured that the message you are delivering is appropriate and exactly what you want. With Sandpaper Melon not only will you deliver the message that you want, but also in the most effective and convincing way possible, thanks to our experienced and professional team.